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Team BRAT races for Mission Aschiana Orphanage
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"Neither Alaskan mosquito or Fijian fungus will keep us from our Primal Quest!"

Kenneth, Becky, Brock, and Randy make up Team BRAT 400 + miles...
100 Teams...
Caving, Mt. Biking, Hiking, Rappelling
The Ultimate in Adventure Racing...

Adventure Racing Is...

Adventure racing was first introduced in 1989 with the Raid Gauloises. This inaugural event combined several activities into one team sport. While still in its infancy, adventure races have been introduced in many countries and on every continent. Due to the dynamic nature of an adventure race, racers from all walks of life participate, which makes for an interesting dynamics both on and off the course. Adventure racing is one of the few sports where success is often measured just by completing the course.

The course is...

The course is generally composed of several checkpoints in between which several skills must be accomplished. Skills range from mountain biking, orienteering, hiking/trail-running, caving, white/still water, horse-back riding, just to name a few. The course is demanding on individual racers as well as the team. Endurance is key, but attitude, teamwork, and a little luck can never be overlooked. Courses range from the very short sprint races (hours), to the very long expedition length races (days). An expedition length adventure race can cover 200-400+ miles in some of the toughest terrain imaginable, where the top teams may only log 2 hours of sleep per night for 10 or more nights.

One unique aspect of Adventure Racing Is...

One unique aspect of adventure racing is its co-ed nature. Men and women compete together, often revealing stark gender differences. Strong teams capitalize on these differences making them that much stronger. It is often said that, "the team is only as strong as its weakest member," adventure racers often follow this with, "at some point in the race everyone will be the weakest member." Difficulties are often experienced long before the team ever begins the course. Potential racers should not underestimate the difficulty involved in the logistics of putting a team together, training, and financing a team. Always remember that nothing worthwhile ever comes easily, and that even though the costs are high, so are the rewards.

OnLine Resources

The following websites may assist you as you prepare to see us on the course:
Odyssey Adventure Racing
United States Adventure Racing Association
World AR

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